Christine Kattner


"Christine Kattner, an exceptionnel voice"

"... she dazzled an enthusiastic audience ..."

La Provence 2012


" .. The Berliner Christine Kattner nurtures a living passion for Lieder and a total respect for the music and the composer ..."

La Marseillaise 2009


"...The public applauded the pure and delightful voice of the Mezzo-soprano and the musicians united at the service of Sacred Music ..."

Cycle Musique et Poésie

La Provence 2008


"... The mezzo Christine Kattner remarkably interpreted the Lieder, with emotion and subtelty ..."

Cycle Musique et Poésie à la Cité de la Musique

Mensuel culturel Zirbelirf  10/2009


"... Once again we are moved by the vocal mastery of Christine Kattner  ..."

Zirbelirf 11/2009


"... Admirable sensitivity of the mezzo Christine Kattner, whose distinctive tessitura brought essence to the three encounters with Mozart, Schumann and Wagner ..."

Zirbelirf 12/2009